About the Artist

Jennifer Cherpock, professional potter

After having an interest in and exploring various artistic mediums throughout my life, my love for pottery and working on the wheel began in 1998 when I enrolled in a class at the Old Church Cultural Center (The Art School at Old Church) in Demarest, NJ. From then on I was hooked and continued my studies at The Clayhouse in Santa Monica, CA then Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena, CA. After moving back to NJ in 2006, I became and am currently an artist member of The Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY. I create my work in my home studio and fire in the electric and gas kilns at CAC. I travel throughout the country exhibiting in some of the top fine craft shows in the nation.

 Artist's Statement

My body of work entitled Painted Desert Series is my attempt to bring solitude and peace to my world and that of other's, to encourage myself and others to set aside time to quiet our minds and reflect on our souls, to enjoy and appreciate the natural elements of the earth, literally in the form of clay, and to bring it's beauty into our everyday lives by representing the mountains, beaches, sky and solar system in each piece.

Each piece that emerges from the kiln is a surprise, not unlike the surprises in our lives. Neither can be predicted nor relied upon. We need to appreciate when a piece or an event turns out just the way we wanted and to adapt when it does not. In those situations when there is disappointment, there is not failure, because in ever experience there is a measure of success to be found.

All pieces are wheel thrown and altered. My unique technique incorporates mineral colorants directly into the porcelain before the vessel is created. The technique produces a marbling effect and ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same. I remove a layer from the surface or carve into it to reveal the underlying patterns that have emerged. The interior is glazed for functionality and contrast and the exterior is unglazed, sanded and polished smooth.